Who I Am

My years of shooting portraits for clients have only served to feed my passion for photography. My dedication and emphasis on personal growth have allowed me to expand my horizons and continue towards perfecting my craft in my day to day life of shooting. My unique approach and attention to my environment has allowed me to build comforting foundations with my clients that allows them to fall into a trance of comfort, letting go of their worry or discomfort and allowing me to capture those intimate and cherished moment’s. Part of the reason why I’m able to capture the moment’s I do Is from my confidence to direct and keep my clients at ease. This allows me to become the creative I am, forming a piece of timeless fine art that will forever be cherished for years to come.

What I Value

By nature, we we’re born imperfect and I realize the struggles we all face with our identity as individuals, but we’re perfect in the most imperfect way and that’s what sets us apart from others. I value the individualism and uniqueness each person holds and it’s my passion to capture those moments. 

Why Film

If digital photography is immediate, convenient, and extremely forgiving of trial and error, then why choose to shoot on film in this digital age? In a world where everything is instant, I find that it is sometimes best to stop, slow down, and really engage in my environment and the people I am with to create a classic, nostalgic image that will forever be timeless and remembered for years to come.


"I hired Gabe (with only 10 days notice) to do a surprise proposal photo shoot. Not only did the pictures turn out even better than expected, but Gabe made the entire process so simple. He did all of the recon on the location, planning his hiding spots and shooting angles based on where I told him I wanted to do it. He made recommendations throughout the week that we prepared, and even showed up to the location several hours early just in case anything didn't go as planned and I needed to propose earlier than expected. The pictures speak for themselves, capturing all of the emotion and excitement from a day I'll never forget. But on top of that, the overall service and experience were second to none. Gabe was always available to talk about details leading up to the day of proposal and kept the surprise fully intact until of course I got down on one knee. Even after the proposal, Gabe continued to capture all of the emotions of the moment, making for some of my favorite pictures. Needless, to say, after this stellar experience, Gabe will be our wedding photographer as well. If you're planning to propose, do yourself a favor and hire Gabe, it will be a decision you won't regret!"

Ernest Brooks

"Gabe took photos of my boyfriend and after a hike to the top of Max Patch. He did such amazing job at making us feel comfortable and kept us laughing the entire time. He also had so many sweet ideas for poses and really knew how to capture us being natural and laughing with each other. The landscape for our photos with mountains in the background was incredible and I am so grateful to have had Gabe capture it all."

Rochelle McDowell

"Gabe did an incredible job with my wedding. We loved every single picture! I have recommend him to many people since. I will definitely be using him again in the future" 

Emily Faith Morris

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I'm available for weddings, portraiture, couples and other projects in the United States as well as collaborations in the surrounding areas of Charlotte, Nc. Use the form to inquire about rates, availability or even just to chat. I will respond within 24hrs of your contact. Im ridiculously goofy, I promise I don't bite!

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