Mt. Rogers

I will never forget the 60 year old french man we met on the trail with bruised eyes and withered skin. His pants sagged below his waist from the weight he had lost on the AT and his bag was duct taped from the heft he had carried. When he looked at us, all he could say was “Wheres the shelter.” I will never forget the sounds of sniffing from outside our tent at 2am and looking over at my boyfriend to see his eyes wide open at me. I will never forget eating half cooked chili mac and cheese and waking up to drink coffee with you on the ledge of a mountain while bundled up in a sleeping bag. I also promise to never forget that some of the best things in life just take a second to take in, and can forever disappear, just as fast as you saw it.

Shot on 35mm Portra 400

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