What I Value

By nature, we we’re born imperfect and I realize the struggles we all face with our identity as individuals, but we’re perfect in the most imperfect way and that’s what sets us apart from others. I value the individualism and uniqueness each person holds and it’s my passion to capture those moments. 

Why Film

If digital photography is immediate, convenient, and extremely forgiving of trial and error, then why choose to shoot on film in this digital age? In a world where everything is instant, I find that it is sometimes best to stop, slow down, and really engage in my environment and the people I am with to create a classic, nostalgic image that will forever be timeless and remembered for years to come. Most all of my shoots involve a hybrid of both Digital and Film.

My Style

My style is timeless, elegant, and luxurious. I value that sentimental small moments at weddings that are only possible through candid moments while telling a story through visual storytelling. Most all of my work is with non models, so I do direct and give firm direction on what to do as I don't expect any of my clients to have prior experience. As far as color goes, I love a timeless light and airy look with soft pastel colors something that film has always inspired from me.