All exports will be done using Lightroom's Smart Preview Catalogs. This method allows for..

  • Quick and Easy Transfers
  • The ability for the photographer to see all edits made to the photo. Thus, allowing for tweaking if necessary

How Does It work?

The photographer will send the Smart Preview Catalog which is made of the original RAW file. Once received all edits will be made and the catalog will then be transferred back to the photographer to the location of the original raw files. In short, the Smart Preview Catalog allows for me to see and edit the original raw file without needing the original file.

Okay, I'm sold, but how do I export a Smart Preview Catalog!

1. Import your photos into Lightroom

2. Go to File > Export as catalog > Save As 

3. Only select ’’Build/Include Smart Preview’’

4. Transfer via WeTransfer or google Drive

5. Relax, spend time with your family and enjoy your freedom

What Presets do you use? Can you match film?

I specialize in presets from C1ick, Mastin Labs and Noble and thrive for memorable, accurate representations of your day that will remain timeless for years to come. However, you're more than welcome to send your desired preset, or communicate your needs with me. I've been shooting commissioned based film work for three years and have experience shooting, and matching film to my digital workflow. 

$0.35 For Color/Exposure correction/Cropping and Straightening

$0.40 For Film matching to your digital images

Culling is not available at this time

Trial editing for 5 photos is free

Turn Around Times

Weddings: 1-7 Business Days

Portrait Sessions: 1-4 Business Days

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